Sky Beach Club - Eleuthera's
Best Restaurant

by Jeff and Jill
(Miami Florida)

Airy restaurant with pool and view of the Atlantic

Airy restaurant with pool and view of the Atlantic

We heard about Sky Beach Club while visiting our relatives who live in Eleuthera. On our last day, we stopped by to see this luxurious resort for ourselves, and were not disappointed in the least.

Our lunch, although simple, was one of the best meals we have ever been served on the island. Despite all of Eleuthera's charm and beauty we never felt it was known for it's food; however, Sky Beach Club is the exception.

We were guaranteed by our server that the grouper was fresh, so we all ordered grouper sandwiches. They were absolutely the best, and along with the signature Butternut Squash with Chèvre & Honey instead of the usual french fries as a side, it was definitely outstanding.

Curtis, the Executive Chef, gave us a tour of the resort afterwards and we are definitely going to be return guest, for the food as well as the accommodations. (You can download their menu online and see all they have to offer.)

We were impressed with everything about The Sky Beach Club. It's like nothing found in Eleuthera. Whether you stay there, or just stop by to dine and enjoy the spectacular view, you will come away with a wonderful experience.

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Best Restaurant

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Dec 13, 2009
Walking Tour From Sky Beach Club
by: Dieter

Hello Jeff and Jill,

I agree, Sky Beach Club is a very pleasant restaurant and the food is excellent.

What most visitors are missing though is the fact that long walks on the beach and/or the sandy road can be started from there.

Coming down the hill and turning right, you can reach Twin Coves within 10 minutes by car or 45 minutes on foot.

And if you go a little further, you will hit Club Med Beach a.k.a. French Leave Beach where there's yet another restaurant, the Tapas Bar with a most beautiful view of that wide and crescent shaped beach.

If you turn left at Sky Beach Club, you can walk the beach and the sandy road for an hour. Then you'll reach Airport Beach. But don't drive to that destination for the road is grown in most of the time.

I'm sure you'll want to check this out next time you come to Eleuthera ;-)

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