Still Laughing About That Moment on Eleuthera

by Miriam Tidwell
(Columbus, GA)

Jack and Miriam Eve

Jack and Miriam Eve

Jack and Miriam Eve fell in love with Eleuthera in 1988 and to this day twenty years later still feel this was the most beautiful island they have ever been to. Here is her story...

In 1988 my now husband and I were on a short vacation in Eleuthera. We went fishing and caught several dozen fish, the chef at the hotel cleaned and cooked them for us and all our friends, and charged us five dollars per person.

We ate and laughed and my favorite person in the whole world turned to me and said: "I always wondered what it would feel like to fall in love". Then he said: "And I have fallen in love with Eleuthera". He was totally serious. I still laugh to this day, and he says: "What is so funny about that?" Everyone thought he was going to tell me he had fallen in love with me! Well I knew he had. He is to this day my very favorite person in the world, six kids included.

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