Interview about Surfers Beach Near Gregory Town

On this page view a cool surfers beach video. And read everything the experienced surfers Jon, Brandon and Cameron told me about surfing the great spot near Gregory Town in northern central Eleuthera.

You will find directions to the beach at the end of this page.

And there's a link to a very detailed map of Gregory Town and Surfer's Beach, right after the interview with Brandon and Cameron.

But first let's take a look at the beach and the shack where surf fans meet.

surfer's beach shack

Interview with Surfers from California

Interviewer: Cameron, it's the end of December 2005 and we are meeting here in Eleuthera. You are 18 and your brother Brandon is 20. How many years ago did you first come to Eleuthera for surfing?

Cameron: We first came about 6 years ago and we've been surfing ever since here.

I.: You are from California. What do you like best about Surfers Beach near Gregory Town in Eleuthera?

Brandon: What I like best is that it's not very crowded. I mean the most I've seen out there was ten or twelve surfers.

surfers brandon and cameron

The two surfer brothers. Cameron left, Brandon right.

Interviewer: How does California surfing compare to Eleuthera surfing?

Brandon: California is always crowded and surfers are fighting for waves while here everybody is real chill and there's no competition for waves.

Cameron: California can get surf all year round but Eleuthera can get way better surf during the Winter plus you've got the warm water which is about 78 to 79 degrees ( 25 to 26°C.) ... and then the warm air. It's really nice. The amount of people is probably the biggest difference.

I.: Please give us an example of your experience at Surfer's Beach in Eleuthera.

Cameron: There was one day where nobody else was surfing but Brandon and me. And we were surfing all day. The only person we saw was Pete, one of the locals who came down for about five minutes. He caught only one wave and then left. And we just had perfect surf all day and beautiful weather.

Brandon: We went out surfing one time and I didn't know it at the time but when I got in, people were saying that there were sharks under us. Now, nothing scary. Just little four foot reef sharks that won't even bother you. But it's just a cool little story. Laughs.

New Zealand Jon's Eleuthera Surf Experience

What Jon told me about Surfers Beach. Jon is a teacher from New Zealand. He has worked for a private school in Eleuthera for a year... and he went surfing every week.

Jon: At surfers beach the waves break over a rock reef which extends out from the water's edge. The sand comes and goes, but at low tide it is not unusual for rocky points to jut out of the sand. An additional potential hazard is that the steep beach profile creates a dumping shorebreak and entering and exiting the water requires care and timing.

Once past the shorebreak it is an easy paddle out to the main takeoff area. The wave forms a nice peak with a left-tapering wall which often hits a deep spot half-way toward shore. Surfers who can negotiate this flat spot may be rewarded as the wave feels bottom again and races shoreward.

Overall the wave is soft but shapely, providing an open face which allows expansive swooping turns. I have heard that it can get hollow when swell size, sand buildup and tide are in synch.

high surf

I.: What time of year is good for surfing here and what months would you rather not recommend?

Cameron: I'd say definitely during the Winter from end of September to, well, late March is really good... The summer months are flat. Take a look at this excellent Surfers Beach Surf Report and Forecast where you can see some terrific Surfers Beach photos. (This opens a new window. You'll be right back here when you close it.)

I.: If one of your California surfer friends decided to come to Eleuthera, what advice would you give him regarding transportation of his surf gear?

Brandon: Make sure you tighten the strap on top of your car. One day I lost a surf board driving, hmm... a bit too fast.

Cameron: And for the flights, wrap your board in cloth to prevent scratching.

I.: What kind of accommodations would you recommend?

Cameron: I would recommend Surfers Beach Manor or the MoJoKingdom pictured below. A really nice house that was built by a surfer actually. And he built it from all kinds of cool things that he found. It's an art work more than a house. It's cheap and it's really close to the beach.

surfer's accommodation

I.: Let's say this surfer has just arrived in or near Gregory Town. Now he may need some local surfing information. To whom would you send him?

Cameron: To Tom Glucksman from Surfer's Haven.

I.: After a day at Surfer's Beach he'll probably want a good meal, drinks and some entertainment. Where would you send our newly arrived surfer?

Brandon: I'd go to Surfer's Beach Manor and ask for Floyd. He is a real good guy. He'll give you a good meal and all the information you need.

And then on Tuesday and Friday nights there's the local bar Elvina's. They do jam sessions twice a week. So that's a lot of fun... getting a couple of drinks, hang out, meet some of the locals, etc.

I.: Hey, what about an insider tip for surfers new to Eleuthera?

Brandon: Don't get caught in the bone yard at surfer's. This is an area in the sea near the big rock formation... see map link at the end of the interview. Ask locally where exactly the bone yard is.

Cameron: And watch out for poison wood, a plant that causes severe skin burning. Some of the narrow roads going down to the beach are grown in and you could touch poison wood leaves while driving. Let locals show you this plant and learn what to do, when you get burnt.

I.: As there is no public transportation system on Eleuthera in the Bahamas, how do surfers generally get around?

Brandon: Most people rent cars. Or just walk everywhere. You can also hitch-hike but usually not with your board. The locals are very friendly and the first or second car by will give you a ride.

I.: Tell me, are your Eleuthera surf friends usually flying into North Eleuthera or into Governor's Harbour in Central Eleuthera?

Cameron: North Eleuthera (airport code ELH) is better for getting to surfers beach because it's closer. And if you're not gonna rent a car, the cab ride is much cheaper from North Eleuthera than from Governor's Harbour airport.

I.: And is there a preferred airline from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, over to Eleuthera?

Brandon: I always take small TwinAir, from Ft. Lauderdale, But Bahamas Air will also take surf boards. If you're interested in another airline, it's important to ask whether they accept surf boards. Continental Airlines to my knowledge does not take them.

I.: Your parents told me that each of you own a piece of property near *your* beach.

Brandon: Yep... big smile.

Interviewer: I'm sure you'll enjoy many more years of fun and adventure at Surfer's Beach which is named Hamilton Land Beach on Eleuthera's most detailed map.

Thanks for your interesting comments, Cameron and Brandon.

Great Video - Surfer's Beach Atmosphere

Here's a fascinating video about surfers showing and telling you why they love surfer's beach and the life in nearby Gregory Town...

Swimming At Surfers Beach

Unless you are a strong swimmer I suggest you confine your swimming to the small cove at the north end of the beach. It's to the left of the beach shack that surfers have built using driftwood. There's a photo of the shack at the top of this page.

There's an interesting huge rock formation that you'll see after walking up north for a minute or so. And there's natural shading, too, where you can rest and watch the sea.


The small cove at the north end of the beach is good for snorkeling on very calm days. Other than that, this beach is not recommended for snorkeling.

Directions to Surfers Beach

From the North, i.e. Gregory Town: 2.0 miles south of Pam's Island Made Gift Shop turn left at the large sign that says *Surfer's Beach Manor*...

From the South, i.e. Rainbow Inn: 5.9 miles north of the Rainbow Inn turn right at the large sign that says *Surfer's Beach Manor*...

... follow the rocky road to Surfer's Beach Manor. At the bottom of the hill is a T-junction. Turn left. The next road on your right - a sandy road - is the access road to the beach.

Make sure your car has good clearance. Although a 4WD vehicle is not necessary, adequate clearance and caution is.

You could also park at Surfer's Beach Manor and walk.

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