The Simple Things in Life...

by Keeran
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

Pink sand beach on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera

Pink sand beach on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera

Sometimes what one may consider simple experiences can cause such deep impressions on the mind, creating memories which linger on and on...

One, of many, of such experiences in Eleuthera occurred during evening walks along "our" pink sand beach on the Atlantic side of the island. The tide was low and the occasional lengths of coral at the shore created beautiful small tidal pools.

The blue and green hues of the shallow water contrasted by the underlying pink sands in the soft evening sun was beautiful (there were even some very small fishes around the coral in the little tidal pools).

There was not a soul as far as the eye could see, and other than the calm sounds of the water, there was only a gentle hush in the air.

Strolling along this beach with my loved one as the sun was setting, well, that was one of our magical moments on Eleuthera.

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Oct 06, 2007
I love these tranquil beach moments, too
by: Dieter

Keeran, I know exactly what you are talking about...

The infinity of the sea and the many colors on the East side, i.e. the Atlantic side of Eleuthera, conveys a peace of mind to me that I experience every time I walk the long, sandy beaches of Central Eleuthera.

You are quite right... walking Eleuthera's beaches slowly, soothes our minds and relaxes us. After a day of physical or intellectual work, this is the best mental therapy.

Thank YOU for writing and for your beautiful Eleuthera beach photo. Dieter

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