There's No Place Like Tippy's

Everyone visits Tippy's bar & restaurant located on an Atlantic beach between Governor's Harbour and North Palmetto. We particularly like the open-air ambience of Tippys.

And the view of the beach to the north is spectacular as you can see here...

Tippys amily at table outside

Why not take a dip before lunch. There's even a shower for salt rinsing by the stairs from the beach to the restaurant. Or an after-dinner beach walk. How romantic with all the stars on those clear Eleutheran nights!

Tippys Opening Hours And Music

Seven days a week lunch is served from 12:30 to 2:30 and dinner from 6 to 10 p.m.

During the season you can enjoy live music on Friday and Sunday evenings. Dance outside on the deck where the music is playing. Great fun!

What did the New York Times say about Tippy's, the beach side bistro?...

*This is not some down-at-the-heels fish fry, but the epicenter of the islands's emerging social whirl*.

Open-air ambience did I say. Look here, the tables have just been set for an island wedding...

Tippy's inside, looking out

Below let's take a look at Tippy's and the adjacent 32 Pineapple Fields condos from the sky. The 8 condo units are right behind the restaurant & bar...

Aerial of Pineapple Fields condos and Tippys

It's not easily visible on the above aerial, but Tippy's consists of three interlocking, open-sided gazebos that are tied together with a wrap-around dining verandah allowing quick access to the beach and a great view.

Lunch menus on blueboard

The menu is chalked on blue or blackboards. And the prices?... I'd say rather on the high side. But the lunch menu here looks quite reasonable.

Sometimes the place is fully booked for dinner. Make phone reservations: 332-3331.

And how is the food and service? You be the judge!...

The Bar

Here is local bar keeper Elliott who sometimes plays music at night.


And isn't this an inviting bar? The piano is right behind it. Any good player is welcome to contribute to the island atmosphere at Tippys. Who cares if the piano is not tuned to perfection!

Bar corner

And after a great night of drinking, dancing and chatting at Tippys, you'll go home happy like these girls...

Night, girls in front of Tippy's sign

Directions to Tippy's

Ask anyone for the old Banks road between Governor's Harbour and North Palmetto.

Tippys is about half-way at the spot where the road comes closest to the ocean. Actually, where you can see the Atlantic for the first time on the old Banks road.

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