Easy to Reach Twin Cove Beach Is...
An Exceptionally Pretty Beach

The beautiful Twin Coves in Central Eleuthera are lined with mature palm trees. Twin Cove beach offers two beaches.

And there's a coconut palm grove surrounding this private home.

twin cove eleuthera, beach

Here a European film crew was shooting in 2004 for several weeks. The movie "Three" is an adventure story about a shipwreck. Two men and a woman. Hence the title! Sounds like there's got to be some action there...

Twin Cove beach is a very pleasant spot for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing.

twin cove beach, eleuthera

Notice the sand bar where the two coves meet? It runs out to a small coral island, called a Cay, pronounced like key.

And here we are in a plane, right over Twin Coves.

Aerial of Twin Cove Beach

Wait a little and the water will have covered the sand bar. Or if the tide is going out, you can start sunbathing here in a moment...

south twin cove, beach

Above is the cove which is to your right as you get to the beach. It's the southern one of the two coves. The little island connecting to both, is on the upper right side of the photo.

north, twin cove beach

And here you see the northern cove to the left of the isle.

south, twin cove beach

You'll sure have a good time snorkeling here, at the far right side which is a rocky area. But do also snorkel around the little island or in the area to the far left of Twin Cove beach where the water is crystal clear... But remember, this is the Atlantic side. Pick a calm day.

Directions to the access road to Twin Cove beach:

Coming from the North:

6.5 miles south of Governors Harbour airport, you'll see a large and new white building trimmed in blue. The two roofs are also blue. The white building is marked Workers House. Right after it turn left into the road going up the hill.

Coming from the South:

From the SHELL station in Governors Harbour, drive north for 1.6 miles. You'll see a large and new white building trimmed in blue. The two roofs are also blue. The white building is marked Workers House. There you turn right into the road going up the hill.

Leave the highway and...

Continue up to the top of the hill. Cross a paved road and after a few yards go left at the fork and then downhill. Turn right at the T downhill. Continue for 0.3 miles on a sand road.

In a coconut grove there's a house to your left.

At the end of the garden turn left and walk the last few steps to the beach.

And be sure to have your camera handy and plenty of drinking water!

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