Attractive Twin Sisters Beach
On the Caribbean Side

Although Twin Sisters beach is small it certainly offers good swimming, snorkeling and shelling. It's an ideal morning beach because the lighting is beautiful and the casuarina trees are still shading the beach.

This Beach is a great place to go swimming. The water is calm, clear and relatively shallow. The bottom is soft white sand once you get past a few rocks at the shoreline.

There is some terrific snorkeling around the two big boulders - The Twin Sisters - out in the water, as well as around groups of rocks just to the north and south of the beach.

This is one of the best shelling beaches on Eleuthera. Visit it during a morning when the lighting and shading are ideal.

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The rock looks like one but they are two -- The Sisters after whom the beach is named.


Coming from the North you'll pass over narrow Glass Window bridge, the narrowest point on Eleuthera. Continue for another 0.4 miles. Start to look to your right after having passed the cut in the rock. You'll see the two large boulders in the water. These where chosen to name Twin Sisters beach.

Turn right into a parking spot, just north of a telephone pole.

Coming from the South, drive through Gregory Town. Go over the hill after Gregory and watch out to your left for the sign "The Cove Eleuthera", a small resort.

Stop by the roadside and take a reading of your mileage counter. Add 2.7 miles and note the total. Continue north. When you have reached your total, turn left into a very short access road. The parking spot is just off the highway. There's a large boulder to the left of the beach access path leading a few steps down to the beach.

glass window bridge, eleuthera, aerial

Glass Window bridge from the air, looking north. Twin Sisters Beach is about 3/4" below and to the left of the bridge connecting Central Eleuthera with North Eleuthera.

Note the shallow water indicated by the light-blue color left of the bridge and the deep, dark-blue water on the right, the so-called Atlantic side of Eleuthera.

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