Must-See Whiteland Beach Is...
On The Atlantic Side

Whiteland Beach is about 4 miles south of Rock Sound. It seems that the more difficult a beach is to find, the more spectacular it is. And this beach is spectacular...

... and the 3 miles of natural access road can be handled easily by any car. We don't mind driving this short distance slowly, for the reward more than justifies a bit of patience as you'll see in a second.

The beach area is reef protected and has an even, sandy bottom. With an expanse of beach as you get it here, you could spend a lot of time swimming.

At the end of the beach access road you come upon this tiny cove. And the rest of the beach stretches out on either side.

whiteland beach, south, eleuthera, bahamas

Whiteland beach has wonderful natural shading right at the access point and on either side of the beach.

So, let's start our excursion, turning right on the beach, walking south.

There's a high dune to our right and behind it is a huge pond which you can see, from the top of the dune. But take your sandals with you for you'll have to walk a few steps into the bush.

palm tree

Romantic! You see, every beach on Eleuthera has a different feel to it. This one is very special -- secluded, very pretty and with a few hideaways to be discovered on the north side.

We just love it here. Whiteland beach is so little known, even though it's quite near from the famous -- well, on Eleuthera it is famous -- Ocean Hole in Rock Sound.

======== SIDEBAR =========

Ocean Hole is a large inland saltwater lake connected to the sea by tunnels. It had been estimated to be more than 600 feet deep, but, in fact, its depth was measured by a local diver at about 75 feet. He reports a couple of cars at the bottom, too.

Go down the stairs cut into the rock to the lake's edge. Bring a piece of bread and watch the fish emerge, swimming their way in from the sea. Apart from that we find *famous* Ocean Hole of little interest.

======== SIDEBAR =========

eleuthera beach, bahamas

Amazing... This is one of the effects of hurricane Frances that hit Eleuthera on September 2, 2004. Two trees with interlocked roots, downsides up.

whiteland beach, facing north

At this point we are about 15 minutes south of the access point which is at the far end in the photo.

Let's now walk to the northern most part of Whiteland beach, past the beach access road, to...

whiteland beach, blue window

... this landmark at the far northern end of Whiteland beach. We call this interesting wind beaten sand structure The Blue Window.

Blue window and three Eleuthera fans

Here we are, Gerda (my wife), myself (Dieter) and Sophie from Canada.

Have you got your camera handy? The blue canvas with its natural frame around it is a perfect spot to get pictured at mid-day. The lighting is just ideal then.

Now we'll turn left on the beach, following a small river that flows with the tides, to and from the mangrove area behind the beach.

But be sure to come here at low tide. When is that? Click here for an Atlantic side Tide Chart for the current month.

whiteland beach, mangroves

This mangrove garden is very private, secluded and has a wonderful atmosphere to it...

... as if nature presented its hall of meditation...

Enjoy your last drink of water here, before returning to the access point.

You've just visited one of Eleuthera's jewels, Whiteland Beach. We give it our highest rating.

Driving Directions to This Beach

0.7 miles south of *The Market Place* -- a shopping center in Rock Sound, to your right, as you drive into town from the north -- turn left into Fish Street...

... that's the first one to the left after a small ESSO station.

Continue for 1.5 miles on a paved road until you reach a T-junction.

Take a mileage reading. Turn right onto a gravel road that can be handled by any car. Continue through the bush on a flat dirt road for 2.5 miles.

On your left you'll see an earth mound with a warped road sign stuck to the top. Park your car there. Follow the dirt road that by-passes the mound to the left and walk for 5 minutes.

Turn left at the first lateral dirt road and walk for another 2 minutes over the sand dune and straight onto the beach.

Watch carefully where you accessed the beach in order to find your way back.

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