The Best Map of Windermere Island 

Join us on a long beach walk from the south to the north of Windermere Island.

How do you get there from Eleuthera?...

... Over a narrow gated bridge connecting the two islands.

On the map below you'll see Eleuthera to the left and Windermere to the right. The bridge is just in between the words The and the word Narrows.

Map of Windermere Island, Eleuthera

Known only to a handful of wealthy home owners and members of England's Royal Family, Windermere Island is a well guarded secret.


... it will open up for you if you book one of the privately owned rental places. Here is a small selection of Windermere rentals.

Click here for a full map of Eleuthera. There you'll see tiny Windermere Island in pink. It's located between airports GHB in the center and RSD in the south.

4 Miles South-to-North Pink Sand Beach on Windermere Island

As we live in Eleuthera, my wife and I got an invitation from a friend. We were curious to walk and see the beach that the British Royals used to vacation on. Remember Diana and Charles?... They honeymooned here.

We started at the south end - meaning at the lower right side of the above map - where the beach is extremely wide.

Windermere Island, southern Atlantic beach

Southern beach facing East.

Of the many exclusive homes along the Atlantic beach there was one that attracted our attention because of its unusual architecture.

Here is Sea Lily Cottage on about 3 acres, completed in 2003. It was purchased by Mariah Carey who got married here to Nick Cannon in May of 2008. On a private island? Oh yes, almost.

Windermere Cottage Sea Lily

You will see roof tops of private homes well hidden behind trees and bush all along this fabulous pink sand beach. Meaning from the south end to where the white-and-red line - indicating the road - ends. See the map above.

Take a look at that spot on the map. You'll notice a kind of a bay on the right side where the red-and-white line ends. And there we discovered a most beautiful spot which we called the Turquoise Bay. Here it is...

Windermere Turquoise Bay

Walking a little further north we are looking at Turquois Bay - below - from the other side. The colors are simply spectacular!

Turquoise Bay

And as we walked further up north we noticed that the beach on North-Windermere is considerably narrower than in the south.

Here I climbed on one of the islets which are also called *cays*, to get this view looking south. Turquoise Bay would be right behind the hill.

Cay on Windermere North

Now, turning around and looking north I saw this...

View to Windermere's North

On Windermere Island North which is totally uninhabited, a big development is underway (2006). Over 50 homes are planned but there's no information on the Web as sales will be made only by invitation.

All in all we really liked Windermere Island's pink-sandy beach but knowing all other beaches on Eleuthera I'd say that you don't have to go to Windermere Island to find the perfect Eleuthera beach.

There are several others on the Atlantic side which are of similar quality, for example... Whiteland Beach, Winding Bay, Double Bay, Poponi Beach and Club Med Beach. You can see them all by clicking on the beaches link above.

And now enjoy your exploration of Eleuthera's other fabulous beaches or...

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