Why Eleuthera Island?
Oh, The Many Spectacular Beaches, And... 

... the air on Eleuthera island in the Bahamas is super pure. The water crystal clear, and the locals very friendly. Ideal for a relaxing Bahamas vacation where the many, many fine pink sand beaches are never crowded.

This is a laid-back island. Ideal if you want to escape the city. And there's no shortage of excellent vacation rentals.


This island is close to Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Florida. Just one hour by air.

On this site I will show you the island's character. After living here permanently for many years, I'm very familiar with it.

Here you'll also find lots of useful tourist information, maps, restaurants and several interviews with locals and foreigners.

We like the island's moderate climate. In the summer it's not as hot as in Santa Barbara, California, and during winters it's considerably warmer.

November is the beginning of winter, a pleasantly warm winter.
Water temperatures never drop below 74°F/24°C.

aerial governors harbour eleuthera

Above is Governor's Harbour in the center of this long and narrow island - shown by a satellite photo below - where most tourists go.

What was your magic moment in Eleuthera?...

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You can even add your photos and have "Your special Bahamas experience" page listed on this site.

Nice for friends and family!

The island has rolling hills -- there are no mountains like in so many Caribbean destinations. That means lots of sunshine and little rain during winters. 

Best of all?...

Because many winter residents rent their homes, you have a wide choice of vacation rentals. But only a handful of hotels are in business.

Eleutherans are very friendly people. Don't worry about getting around on your own. It's totally safe to explore.

By the way, most people can't say the island's name. It's pronounced El-oo-thra, a difficult word. Here are some common misspellings... Eleuthra, Eluethera & Eluthra. Who cares!

But notice the message on the lady's T-shirt...


Eleuthera, It's not for everyone. Because it's not an island developed for tourism. For more info about this island, click here.

Quite a number of restaurants are offering tasty Bahamian, American, Italian and Cajun food. Click on Restaurants to see them all.

Music and entertainment? Yes, to a degree, but mass tourism is still unknown. And it will probably remain so for quite a while.

eleuthera island bahamas and capital nassau from satellite

As you can see from the picture above, no location is far from a beach. That's useful if you want to drive to a cooler or calmer beach for an afternoon.

This island is only 20 minutes by air from Nassau. We like to be close to the capital which has much more extensive shopping. You can also get there by Fast Ferry in two hours.


  • NORTH ELEUTHERA (ELH) close to famous Harbour Island.
  • GOVERNOR'S HARBOUR (GHB) centrally located.
  • ROCK SOUND (RSD) serving the south.

Here is detailed information about air travel to this island

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